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Bonnie Spencer - Crabapples BoutiqueMy name is Bonnie Spencer and I am the owner and pattern designer behind Crabapples. When I first started Crabapples, I was making doll clothes for the American Girl dolls. I spent a lot of money on patterns that didn’t fit, didn’t turn out the same as the pictures, or were tedious to construct. In frustration, I started designing my own patterns and playing around with different construction techniques. I have a lot of sewing experience, and I have developed lots of methods for constructing doll clothes that simplify the process and give great results. When you purchase a Crabapples pattern, you not only get a pattern that is guaranteed to fit, but you get a fully illustrated tutorial with lots of sewing tips.

Designing patterns enables me to use all my sewing, pattern making, photography and computer skills. I first rough out the design by hand, then transfer my pattern pieces to the computer, where everything is precisely drawn. The fun part is where I get to sew up lots of prototypes until I get exactly the look and fit I’m striving for. After that, I photograph the entire construction process step-by-step, incorporating many “tricks of the trade” for easy construction. I have some wonderful pattern testers who then give me feedback on anything that didn’t work quite right, and corrections and adjustments are made.

Finally the pattern is ready to be released and shared with all my loyal sewers. It is very satisfying to see my designs interpreted by other people. I love to see how their creativity flourishes and how the patterns morph into something unique.

I hope you enjoy your Crabapples pattern, and I’d love to see your finished results!

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